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Every electron microscope needs calibration and we can provide you with the tools to do this.

We offer a range of QCT (Quality Control Test) blocks with varying specifications to suit your every need. We also are able to offer an EDX calibration standard which has been specifically designed to help calibrate any EDX system.

Each calibration standard block is provided with a Faraday Cup for accurate probe/specimen current measurement. Having a stable probe current is vital for achieving repeatable analysis results.

Our QCT standard blocks are supplied with a silicon magnification grid to allow for calibration of magnification levels within a SEM. It is marked with clearly visible squares of periodicity 10 µm. The dividing lines are about 1.9 µm in width and are formed by electron beam lithography. Certification of these grids is available upon request.

A resolution specimen is provided in the QCT standards for calibration of resolution of an SEM. SEM resolution is tested mainly on resolved gaps and the number of grey levels in the image. This is to ensure that the resolution has not been distorted by using the contrast to maximise the visibility of edges.

We can provide a range of Gold on Carbon test specimens which are suitable for SE and BSD imaging.

  • Our QCTA and QCTB standards are 32mm diameter and 8mm thick
  • The QCTC is 50mm diameter and 8mm thick
  • Our EDX calibration standard is 25mm diameter and 5mm thick
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We can provide many different variations of the above standard blocks. If you wish to discuss a specific requirement please do not hesitate to contact us.