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Although our Universal Standard blocks are extremely comprehensive, M.A.C. are aware that they do not always provide the specialisation that some users require. This is why M.A.C. is happy to work directly with you to help to produce a set of standards as unique as the environment in which they are to be used and reflect the requirements which have been identified.

We are able to produce/manufacture blocks for all microanalysis instrumentation or customised mounts specially designed and manufactured. Block material can be as specific as the standards which are mounted and we are able to offer blocks in Brass, Aluminium or Stainless Steel.

When enquiring about custom built blocks, we would ask that the following information is provided, to help you with the most appropriate solution.
  1. Make and model of instrument in which standards are to be used
  2. Specify quantity and standard materials required
  3. Outer diameter of block or individual required
  4. Inner diameter where appropriate
  5. Thickness of block (5mm normally supplied)
  6. Material of the block to be used (normally Brass)
  7. Whether a Faraday Cup is required
  8. Any limitation of the X and Y movements of the stage
  9. The Standard Block type number where possible
  10. Any additional requirements
Customised Standards – Single
Individual standards are usually supplied as 2, 3 or 5mm diameter brass tube. Although they can be mounted in any size block.

Unmounted Standards
We are also able to offer unmounted samples/grains of certified materials which are available. Grains are usually 2mm3 in size.

Customised Standards - Multiple
Multiple standards mounted in a single block. The number of standards mounted are dependent on the dimensions of the block. These range from 10mm – 32mm are usually 5mm thick, although blocks can be manufactured to your specific requirements.

Please Contact Us to discuss your requirements.

Carousel Configuration
These blocks offer the user the opportunity to extend the current block of standards by adding one or more standards to their existing set of standards. The carousel is able to nestle around the outside of the users original block. These blocks are custom made and therefore the original block dimensions are required. The number of standards which can be embedded in this type of standard is dependent on the dimensions required.

Specially Manufactured Block
If our range of mounts do not accommodate your requirements, we would be happy to work with you to provide your exact specifications. Examples are detailed below.
Available as: JL-01
Available as: JL-03
Available as: JL-02

NIST Standard Sets
The following sets are only available as sets of standards. These can be ordered as an individual set of standards (as shown) or be added to a block of standards.